Our Classroom program is ideal for those ready to learn in a group through to classroom settings.

At Autism House, our goal is to transition your child into a natural school environment as soon as they are ready. Learning in a group environment with a teacher gives children a chance to work on group skills, but still have the assistance of their RBT when needed. We work on fading the support and give your child the encouragement they need to become more independent.

Understanding school readiness

Our Classroom program is for all ages! Each child is placed in a group where they will learn best. We currently offer this class three times a week.

Classroom Time features:

  • Social skills-sharing, turn-taking
  • Learning skills in a group teaching session
  • Conversational skills
  • Behavior reduction in a classroom setting

At Autism House, we are here to make a difference

  • We work with children from 2 years of age up to 12 years old.
  • Each program staffs 1 RBT per child providing a 1-on-1 relationship.
  • We operate in a cozy, home environment that does not feel clinical.
  • Our treatment programs are constantly innovated with activities, skills, and communication.
  • To work with your child on a more personalized level.
  • We work with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other types of learning disabilities.
  • Our location is strategically placed to serve The Woodlands, Magnolia, and Conroe, Texas.

ABA Therapy Services We Provide

You are not alone. We are here to help!

Start your child on the path to becoming the best versions of themselves!


We accept the following insurance:

*We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid at this time